Water Utilities

Sewage Water Treatment WorksThe population of the United Kingdom is expected to continue rising and the management of their increasing sewage and need for potable water is a huge challenge for water companies.¬†Logistically, water companies’ processing facilities sometimes need to be near population centres, and flies that breed in or are attracted to such facilities can present serious problems to neighbours or indeed the companies’ own employees.

The most obvious offending flies are of course mosquitoes, filter flies and midges. However, there is a huge number of other pestiferous species, which can and often do cause nuisance in and around these establishments.

Our research and development, undertaken in conjunction with the water utilities industry, has led to the development of a comprehensive range of specialist equipment and services to assist in the control, eradication and management of such fly populations. We also provide proven habitat management systems that remove weed cover and the associated pestiferous flies from secondary and biological filters. Our team have over sixty years combined experience in providing the following services:

Species identification,
Population monitoring,
Control strategies including risk and environmental impact assessments,
Non chemical / bio-friendly control systems,
Disease and vector control,
Control and eradication of all pestiferous fly life stages.

We believe that as your contractor we become part of your quality assurance team, taking ownership of your pest problems and, working together as an integrated unit, can provide you with the highest levels of prevention and control. A comprehensive Bioguard contract covers preventive measures, management reporting procedures, accountability and a documented system of measures which provide appropriate evidence for the defence of ‘due diligence’ against prosecution and its consequences.¬†Our client list includes the UK’s largest water and wastewater company, Thames Water Utilities.