Wildlife Management

Certain mammals and birds can become a serious danger when their presence threatens air safety or public health. Others can become a serious nuisance when they damage farmland, produce, buildings, or the environment on which they encroach. When action has to be taken, great care is needed to find effective, humane solutions in keeping with current legislation along with environmental consideration and public concerns.

The problems caused are wide ranging and include:

  • Rabbits damaging agricultural and horticultural crops, and undermining roads and railway embankments.
  • Risk of bird strike due to birds of numerous species living close to airports and transiting airfields.
  • Badgers compromising transport and buildings.
  • Bark-stripping of trees by grey squirrels.
  • Canada geese fouling amenity land.
  • Rooting damage caused by wild boar.
  • Moles damaging sporting and recreational facilities.
  • Deer damaging forestry, agricultural and horticultural plantations by fraying, browsing or grazing.

Wildlife management needs to be carried out in a professional manner, and targeted throughout the year, if maximum control is to be obtained. Frequent observation, allowing early detection of potential problems, will permit effective and economical control.