Food Processing

Cost effective and efficient pest prevention makes good business sense.

The United Kingdom has been blessed with a wonderful array of animal and plant species. Whilst we can enjoy their beauty and diversity some of them can come into conflict with our lives and interests. Nowhere is this conflict more obvious than in the food production and storage area of commerce. This sector is a high technology, high investment and highly competitive area of business and any pest activity in the food chain could lead to a loss of competitive advantage or even prosecution by enforcement agencies. Pests occurring at any stage of the food handling process can result in loss due to damage or contamination, disease or injury, fear or despondence in the work force, loss of reputation, and ultimately the loss of business profit.

Good pest management starts with a thorough understanding of the food process from primary production in the field to consumption by the end customer. During this process the food product becomes vulnerable to attack, invariably by more than one pest species.¬†Bioguard have the resources, experience and expertise to understand your processes, identify the pest critical areas, and provide you with an integrated pest management plan that meets your needs, your customers’ needs and your budget. This will ultimately involve a co-operative programme that involves your employees, management and the Bioguard team. Our service can include the provision of seminars for your staff to help them better understand the pest management process, establishment of preventative protocols, the provision of eco-control services (the most effective, up to date and environmentally friendly techniques), auditing and reporting.¬†We believe, that as your contractor, we become part of your quality assurance team taking ownership of your pest problems and, whilst working together as an integrated unit, can provide you with the highest levels of prevention and control.